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Indotronix – a Thanksgiving note

As I ink this Thanksgiving post, John F. Kennedy’s words come to mind – words that reverberate with the very essence of our corporate culture, 

‘As we express our gratitude, 
we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words,
 but to live by them.’

Phrases like ‘Customer Service’ and ‘Consultant-centric’ and ‘treat Employees like family’ are not just casually thrown around at Indotronix – in fact we never use those phrases! We quite simply just live by those ideals – expressing gratitude to all those who have put us on the the road to success by approaching every single day with a simple ethos, ‘Excellence is not a destination. It is a continuous journey that never ends.’

However, on the eve of Thanksgiving Day, it is but right that a shout-out should go out to all those that have contributed to our success:

  • Our consultants: As a staffing company, our core deliverable is ‘qualified consultants’. They are the face ofIndotronix. We at Indotronix are very thankful that highly competent and skilled individuals want to work with us and give it their best at the client site.
  • Our clients: We are indebted to each one of our clients for giving us the opportunity on a daily basis to be of service. But for you esteemed clients – Indotronix would not exist.
  • Our employees: We feel grateful for our highly motivated and talented employees who feel proud to be a part of team Indotronix
    • Our team of motivated and value-driven Recruiters: who ferret out the qualified consultants to be presented to our clients –  they are truly the backbone of a staffing company.
    • Our Account Managers: who shoulder the responsibility of being the single point of contact for the client and deliver excellence with a smiling face irrespective of how tough the going has been.
    • Our entire Back-office team:  HR, Admin, Tech, Legal and more – all of whom work quietly behind the scenes to ensure that Indotronix delivers service as efficiently as promised.
  • Our competitors: Oh yes – we thank our competitors because they ensure that we stay on our toes and continue delivering above and beyond. As Herbert Hoover very aptly said, ‘Competition is not only the basis of protection to consumer but it is the incentive to progress.’
  • Trade organizations: Indotronix is very appreciative of the effort made by a highly energetic group of people who give MBEs like ourselves an opportunity to get an audience with large corporations across the world through organizations like the NMSDC , WBENC and many more,
  • Potential clients: You keep the fire and hope within us burning bright and for that we want to say thank you! Each time we get an opportunity to elaborate on our credentials – a meeting, a call, an RFP invite and more – it gives us  the energy to keep moving on!
  • Our families: Aah – none of us at Indotronix would be able to do what we do without the support of our families back home. Tolerating the late night phone calls, long work days and cold dinners is not always easy but I think they understand that nothing worth having comes easy 🙂
As I end this note, yet again JFK’s words ring true, ‘ We must find time to stop and thank people who make a difference in our lives.’
Happy Thanksgiving!

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